Barbara’s writing has so much imagination and sophistication. She has instantly become one of my favorite composers and arrangers, and I look forward to watching her rise to stardom in the music world. She’s one of the very best.” - Christian McBride



Ever since the Vienna-born jazz composer and pianist Barbara Bruckmüller can remember, the Big Band Sound cast a spell on her. She was fascinated by the energy and the rhythm that came from the swing bands and dance orchestras of the 30ties and 40ties. Later, in the course of her jazz piano studies, the music of Oliver Nelson, Gil Evans, Mel Lewis/Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer and Maria Schneider came to her attention and she discovered that a Big Band not only lives from its power, but also offers a wide and deep range of sounds.   

During her studies Barbara wrote her first big band compositions and arrangements and found her own Jazz Orchestra. She had the luck to cast it with very well known and some of the best Austrian and international jazz musicians like trombonist Robert Bachner (Vienna Art Orchestra), rising star Viola Falb on saxophone or the late bassist Paulo Cardoso (Art Farmer, Benny Golson, Kenny Kirkland), as well pianist Danny Grissett from California.   

In 2013 she won the „Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik“ (German Record Critics' Prize) for her debut album „Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band“ containing original music and had the honor to write arrangements and compositions for Christian McBride, Peter Herbert („Bass Instinct“) and „The Su'Sis“ among others.    

One year later Barbara recorded the next CD for which she arranged traditional Viennese Songs for the Big Band („Mei Muatterl war a Weanarin“ - My mother was a Viennese).    

In 2015/2016 her Big Band was the „Stage Band“ at the Jazz & Music Club Porgy & Bess, Vienna. For this concert series she also wrote a film score for Alfred Hitchcock’s silent movie „The Lodger“ which was performed live to the movie by her small ensemble (10 piece band), worked together with the Spoken Word artist Wadud Ahmad from Philadelphia, as well as payed tribute to Frank Sinatra with New Yorker vocalist Tony Hewitt.

In 2017 Barbara was awarded with a grant for composing by the Austrian Office of the Federal Chancellor. With that she wrote „A Chain of Moments – A Suite in Five Parts for Piano, Strings and Jazz Orchestra“ and a Suite for Thelonious Monk’s centennial „MONK, you KNOW!?“ where she extended the 15 piece band by a string quartet.    

Her latest work „The Spaces Within and Without“ was presented at Porgy&Bess, Vienna in October 2021 and currently she just released her first Vinyl (EP) called "Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band live at Porgy&Bess, Sept 5, 2020".

I've been a fan of Barbara and her band for a couple of years. I love her sensibility as a composer. She's deeply embedded in the jazz tradition, but is by no means bound by it. Her compositions happily embrace other influences; the sounds that she creates are fresh, gorgeous, soulful. Not surprisingly, her band attracts fantastic musicians. (...)” - John Edwin Mason

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‘The Blackbird Knows Them All’ war der Titel des Big Band Programmes im September 2020. Die Stimmung an dem Abend war sehr gut, es gab seit langem wieder live Publikum, es wurde live gestreamt und mitgeschnitten. Als Erinnerung an dieses schöne Konzert hat Barbara Bruckmüller ihr erstes Vinyl mit vier ihrer Kompositionen herausgebracht. Eine EP. In kleiner Auflage. Nun wird das Album am Entstehungsort, im Porgy & Bess, live, mit großteils den Musikern, die auch 2020 dabei waren, präsentiert. 
Dieser Abend ist in liebevoller Erinnerung der Hornistin Birgit Eibisberger gewidmet. 

“The river is moving. The blackbird must be flying.” - Wallace Stevens


line up: Martin Harms: soprano, alto saxophone, flute // Viola Falb: alto saxophone, clarinet // David Mayrl: tenor saxophone, flute // Arnold Zamarin: tenor saxophone, clarinet  // Vicy Pfeil: baritone saxophone // Andreas Pranzl, Markus Pechmann, Simon Plötzeneder, tba: trumpet // Laila Schubert: French horn // Mario Vavti, Robert Bachner: trombone //Markus Eckl: bass trombone // Heribert Kohlich: piano // Tobias Vedovelli: bass // Thomas Froschauer: drums // Barbara Bruckmüller: leader, arranger, composer

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photo credit by Heidi Kolomaznik

photo credit by Heidi Kolomaznik

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photo credit by Eckhardt Derschimdt

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photo credit by Alex Sperat

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