Barbara Bruckmüller big band live at porgy&bess, Sept 5, 2020

limited vinyl edition & download

Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band live at porgy&bess

'The Blackbird Knows Them All' was the title of the Big Band program in September 2020. The mood that evening was very good, for a long time there was finally a live audience again, it was streamed live and recorded. As a reminder of this beautiful concert, Barbara Bruckmüller has released her first vinyl with four of her compositions. An EP. In a small edition. Now the album will be presented live at the place where it was created, at Porgy & Bess, with mostly the musicians who were there in 2020. 

This evening is dedicated to the horn player Birgit Eibisberger in loving memory.

Side A 

Track 1 The Blackbird Knows Them All 05:36 

Track 2 Silence is Not An Option 07:40 

Track 3 Hymn To Freedom 01:23 

Side B 

Track 1 Hans from Germany or Are You Inspired Now? 06:39 

Track 2 My Mr. Always Right 08:28 

all compositions by Barbara Bruckmüller AKM-BICOLORIOUS MUSIC RECORDS 

except Side A Track 3 composition by Oscar Peterson (Sony-Music)

Side A Track 2: voices: Joice Beatty (March on Washington 2020) - Letetra Wideman (sister of Jacob Blake) 

artwork "Silence Is Not An Option" by frideuf_malerei (Peter Cerny) artwork "The Blackbird Knows Them All" by Barbara Bruckmüller 

live (streamed) at Porgy&Bess, Vienna, Sept 5, 2020 videosound: Norbert Benesch * mastered (2022): Christoph Burgstaller * Vinyl pressed by AUSTROVINYL GmbH, Austria

line up:

Barbara Bruckmüller: leader, arranger, composer Martin Harms: soprano, alto saxophone, flute Viola Falb: alto saxophone, clarinet David Mayrl: tenor saxophone, flute Tobias Hoffmann: tenor saxophone, clarinet Herwig Gradischnig: baritone saxophone Tobias Reisacher, Markus Pechmann, Marc Osterer: trumpet Birgit Eibisberger: French horn Mario Vavti, Robert Bachner: trombone Markus Eckl: bass trombone Danny Grissett: piano, voice Stefan 'Pišta' Bartuš: bass Thomas Froschauer: drums