Barbara’s writing has so much imagination and sophistication. She has instantly become one of my favorite composers and arrangers, and I look forward to watching her rise to stardom in the music world. She’s one of the very best.” - Christian McBride


Barbara Bruckmüller

composer, arranger, big band, jazz

„I've been a fan of Barbara and her band for a couple of years. I love her sensibility as a composer. She's deeply embedded in the jazz tradition, but is by no means bound by it. Her compositions happily embrace other influences; the sounds that she creates are fresh, gorgeous, soulful. Not surprisingly, her band attracts fantastic musicians. (...)” - John Edwin Mason


you still can watch the show 

using the same link: 

Upcoming Show!! Oct 13, 2021  

8:30 @Porgy&Bess Vienna 

Barbara Bruckmüller Small Big Band  


The Spaces Within & Without  

Live as well as online live stream!!

so...if you're tired of Netflix or prime and you can't find some interesting live stream in the is the full concert we played last September, when there still were a few people allowed to attend the concert on the spot... 

Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band - The Blackbird knows them all 

I hope you'll enjoy!! 

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