Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band (2013)
  • Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band (2013)

Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band (2013)

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'For the last few years, the young Austrian composer, arranger, and conductor Barbara Bruckmueller and her band have been cooking up a tasty musical gumbo in the wilds of central Europe. All sorts of good things go into their pot -- ballads, New Orleans styles, odd meters, the Great American Songbook, Brazilian music, funk, rock, punk, and a little chanson. That list might look like a mish-mash, but, like good Louisiana chefs, Bruckmueller and company bring it all together." - John Edwin Mason

released March 14, 2013

Recorded At – Porgy & Bess, Vienna Mastered At – Clipwerk Studios, Vienna

Alto Saxophone – Andreas See (2), David Mayrl Arranged By – Barbara Bruckmüller Baritone Saxophone – Florian Fennes Bass – Paulo Cardoso Bass Trombone – Martin Grünzweig Booklet Editor – Alexander Sperat, Barbara Bruckmüller Clarinet – Cédric Gschwind, Martin Harms Conductor – Barbara Bruckmüller Cover – Alexander Sperat, Barbara Bruckmüller Drums – Fabian Rösch Electric Bass – Rue Kostron* (tracks: 9) Engineer – Christoph Burgstaller, Patrick Maurer Flute – Andreas See (2), David Mayrl French Horn – Fabian Zangl Guitar – Peter Panayi (tracks: 1,3,7,8,9) Piano – Hepi Kohlich Producer – Barbara Bruckmüller, Bicolorious Music Records Recorded By – Martin Vetters Soprano Saxophone – Andreas See (2) Tenor Saxophone – Cédric Gschwind, Martin Harms Trombone – Mario Vavti, Robert Bachner Trumpet – Bastian Stein, Junior Galante, Simon Plötzeneder Valve Trombone – Robert Bachner (tracks: 8)

Produced by Barbara Bruckmüller and BICOLORIOUS MUSIC RECORDS * Recorded at Porgy & Bess, 1010 Vienna, Austria * Studio: Martin Vetters Engineer: Patrick Maurer * Mixed & Masterd at: clipwerk, 1060 Vienna, Austria Engineer: Christoph Burgstaller * Photographs, Art Direction & Design: Peter Röcklinger Cerny * other Photographs: Heidi Kolomaznik,, Barbara Bruckmüller, Andreas Müller

Brazilian Flavoured Coffee, Both Of You, Tigger's Bounce, Strange Angel With His Trumpet, Never Told You But I Do, When New York Meets Barcelona In Vienna, Missing Your Kissing Barbara Bruckmüller * BICOLORIOUS MUSIC RECORDS Come Sunday Duke Ellington * Bosworth and Co Limited (AKM AUME) So Many Stars Sergio Mendes * Warner Chappell/WA (AKM AUME)

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